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Rore™ gives you the world's most effective marketing - Word of Mouth.

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Join our online community of fans who want to promote your business.

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Rore will work with you to let your customers know they can get paid to post about your business on social media.

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Enjoy increased sales as your customer's friends respond to their posts about your business on social media.


Complete system to get more customers from your customer's friends, guaranteed.

Mobile app confirms customers posts on social media 
Mobile app passes reward onto customer who posts
Growing network of existing Rore users want to promote your business on social media

Your existing customers know all the new customers you will ever need

Promote your business.

When your fans and customers post through Rore, we pay them a small reward for telling their friends on social media about how they enjoy your business.  

Team up with your customers.

We help you encourage your customers to post about your products and services on social media.

Close more sales.

Rore helps you make new sales to people who have learned about your business from their friends.


Get new customers now!

With Rore, you won't need to worry.  You'll get all the promotional, trusted team building and engagement tools you need to run a successful referral-based business.

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